The Master Builder


Gordon Hayes Bio

• Saw the Black Mad Max film car on display in his home town ( Boronia Victoria)  in 1978 a year before the first Mad Max film was released

• Gordon was immediately taken by the Black on Black presentation of the film car.

• At this time Gordon promised himself at one day he would find a way to own such a car.

• 1982 and Gordon purchased a 351 V8 Powered Falcon coupe, the car was red in colour.

• But 1984 Gordon had met with Errol Platt who worked on the original film car, Errol has supplied and fitted the signature roof spoiler to Gordon’s car. By mid 1984 Gordon’s car was painted black.

• In this pre-internet era it was to take another 16 years to locate and fit the then ultra rare Monza nose cone section to Gordon’s car. Gordons first Mad Max Black on Black Interceptor replica being completed in early 1999.

• To complete that first car Gordon worked alongside Grant Hodgson.

• Over the next 10 years the combination of Gordon and Grant were to build 17 Interceptor replicas, 3 in the red –Yellow- Blue Police car presentation. The remainder as the Black on Black version.

• The Mad Max builds were complementary with Gordon undertaking the body work, fibreglass work and much of the detail. Grant as a trained mechanic was responsible for all the Mechanical areas.

• During this time Gordon and Grant combination also built a Replica of the famous Batmobile “Tumbler” as seen in the Christopher Nolan films.

• The Batmobile was to be the last joint build by Gordon and Grant.

• Following the Batmobile build Gordon elected to return to full time work in his previous employment in the Pharmaceutical industry – very distant from the auto Industry.

• In 2017 Gordon became redundant from the Pharmaceutical Industry, following a takeover of his employers company.

• Gordon and his Wife then moved across Australia to the state of Victoria.

• In 2019 Gordon accepted an offer to undertake a one of build to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Road Warrior film.

• During Gordon’s years of Mad Max involvement 1984 to present day Gordon he has built and owned 3 Mad Max Interceptors. His last being a tribute to the Road Warrior car itself. This car being so accurate that the International model makers AutoArt produced a 1/18 scale model of the Car Gordon and Grant had built. 

• Following the work redundancy and move across Australia Gordon reluctantly put his Road Warrior Interceptor up for sale in 2018… Gordon sold the Road Warrior car with-in 24 hours.