The Mad Max Interceptor, last of the V8s and the car that launched a thousand imitators. Well, a few dozen at least, and few could claim to be as correct as Kerry Turley’s amazing tribute to the road warrior.

“We watched the DVD about 100 times and tried to get it as close to the movie car as we could,” Kerry says. “I’m not a real Mad Max junkie, I just thought I’ll get the right people onto it – which meant Gordon Hayes and Grant Hodgson. Gordon drove his Monaro across the Nullarbor with a whole heap of bits and pieces. Then he steered my panel guy in the right direction and helped fit a lot of the stuff. He knew where to cut the wheels arches, all that sort of stuff.”

Kerry’s no beginner when it comes to old Falcons: “I used to do GT Falcons and take them to the Nationals. Everything had to have the right colour bolt here, the right wiring loom tape there. Doing this Mad Max car was a lot more enjoyable because everything’s black. No-one’s going to walk up and say: ‘That’s not supposed to be black,’ like some of those guys in the GT scene. It’s just a tough-looking car. Every angle there’s something — it’s just great.”